Tips For Giving Verbal Commands To A German Shepherd Puppy

The energetic nature of a German shepherd puppy can make it an exciting addition to your household, but unless you work hard to train your dog from an early age, its behavior could eventually become an issue. There are many schools of thought concerning the effective training of high-energy dogs such as German shepherds, but many trainers agree that giving these dogs regularly exercise is critical. When it comes to giving your dog verbal commands, there are a number of important tips that you should keep in mind. [Read More]

Three Breeds Of House Cats With Plenty Of Energy

Most people are familiar with different breeds of dogs, but did you realize that there are also various breeds of cats? According to the International Cat Association, there are seventy-one different breeds of cats. All of these breeds have their typical characteristics, both when it comes to appearance and personality. If you are looking for a cat who is higher-energy and more playful, here are three breeds to consider. Bengal Cats [Read More]