Tips For Giving Verbal Commands To A German Shepherd Puppy

The energetic nature of a German shepherd puppy can make it an exciting addition to your household, but unless you work hard to train your dog from an early age, its behavior could eventually become an issue. There are many schools of thought concerning the effective training of high-energy dogs such as German shepherds, but many trainers agree that giving these dogs regularly exercise is critical. When it comes to giving your dog verbal commands, there are a number of important tips that you should keep in mind.

Try to Avoid Yelling

When your German shepherd puppy does something that you don't like, it can often be instinctual to raise your voice. It's ideal, however, if you can keep these loud outbursts to a minimum. Yelling at your puppy can get it excited — and when you already have a dog that is full of energy, this is likely the last thing that you want. Even if you're saying words that you believe your German shepherd puppy understands, its energy level may quickly spike because of the volume that you're using. Avoiding yelling can go a long way toward getting your message across.

Don't Overuse Its Name

You want your German shepherd puppy to learn its name early on, and there are several different ways to teach this lesson. As you continue to work with your puppy on verbal commands, be careful about overusing its name. When a dog hears its name, it will often look for what you want it to do. For example, clearly stating, "Rover — down" is a clear instruction. If your dog is engaging in some behavior that you want to adjust, simply stating its name won't get you anywhere. You're better off giving the command to your dog rather than solely saying its name and expecting it to do what you want.

Limit Repetition

It can be frustrating when your new puppy doesn't immediately respond to your verbal command, and this can cause you to repeat yourself — perhaps over and over until the dog finally does what you want. It's important for you to remember that dogs tend to listen to you each time that you speak, and excessive talking can be confusing. It's possible that the dog doesn't know what you want it to do, and that your repetition is simply causing stress in the dog. A firm command once or twice, and then gentle physical correction, as needed, is ideal.

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