Three Breeds Of House Cats With Plenty Of Energy

Most people are familiar with different breeds of dogs, but did you realize that there are also various breeds of cats? According to the International Cat Association, there are seventy-one different breeds of cats. All of these breeds have their typical characteristics, both when it comes to appearance and personality. If you are looking for a cat who is higher-energy and more playful, here are three breeds to consider.

Bengal Cats

Bengal cats look like little leopards. They have short coats with a tan base color and darker brown or black stripes. Some Bengals have thicker, more marble-like strips, while others have thinner streaks. Their coats have a lush sheen. 

Personality-wise, Bengal cats are very active and energetic. Always curious, they will love exploring your home and playing with almost anything they can find. To keep a Bengal cat occupied, you will want to provide a cat stand and other environment-enhancing elements. Bengals get along well with dogs and are quite social with humans they know well, although they can be a little shy around strangers.

American Curl Cats

The American curl cat is named for its ears, which have a somewhat rounded shape and curl a bit backwards. These cats come in a range of colors and with both short and long coats. Both coat types are quite fine and soft, so these cats require regular brushing to prevent mats and irritation.

American curl cats are friendly and gentle, but energetic. They are great cats to have around kids because even though they play, they don't get too aggressive. American curls can be taught to play fetch, and they tend to interact well with strangers. They are often very vocal cats; they'll let you know if they need anything!

Burmese Cats

Burmese cats are a small to medium known for their silky, short coats. They may be sable brown (a very dark brown), champagne, or blue-gray in color. Burmese cats require very little grooming, and they do not shed heavily. They're affectionate, have an easy time adapting to new environments, and get along well with dogs.

In spite of their small size, Burmese cats have a lot of energy. They require plenty of exercise and will cuddle up beside you as long as you tire them out first. These cats don't like being left alone for long. They make excellent family cats and do better in large houses than in small apartments. 

If you are looking for a cat, contact a breeder or pet store that offers Bengal kittens for sale to learn more.