Golden Retriever Puppies Are Smart And Friendly Dogs For Families And Active Adults

A golden retriever puppy might be the right addition to your family when you're ready to get a dog. These dogs are friendly and good with kids, so they make good family pets. They're also good companions for active adults. Here's information about these dogs and what to look for when visiting a breeder that has golden retriever puppies for sale — such as PBG Kennels.

Golden Retrievers Are Smart

These dogs are easy to train since they are a smart dog breed. Being easy to train makes them suitable as first pets since you won't get frustrated trying to teach your puppy basic commands. Plus, a dog that's well-trained is more pleasant to live with since they are more well-behaved.

However, since they're smart, they need stimulation so they won't be bored. You probably don't want to leave your dog home alone all day and into the evening. They're social so they want to be with their family and they enjoy being active rather than sleeping all the time.

The Puppies Don't Shed Too Much

Golden retrievers shed, but it's not excessive. You can keep shedding under control with daily grooming. Begin grooming your puppy as soon as you take it home. The sooner your dog gets used to being groomed and handled, the better they'll tolerate it when they're older.

This includes things like tooth brushing, ear cleaning, and nail clipping. Doing these grooming chores often as a puppy ensures your pet will be healthier and more tolerant of tooth brushing when they're adults.

The Breeder Can Provide Health Information

Golden retrievers are susceptible to certain medical conditions just like any other breed, so it's important to buy your puppy from a reputable breeder who can provide you with health information about the puppies and their parents.

In addition to learning about medical conditions that run in the bloodlines, you'll want to know about the current health of the golden retriever puppies and the results from recent vet visits. You'll also want to know about vaccinations already given. Be sure to look the puppies over and ask the breeder any questions you may have about the personality, training received, and suitability of your lifestyle with the puppy you're considering.

The breeder can also let you know how well the puppies have been socialized. It's important to start socialization early so your puppy will bond with your family and be happy and friendly. Plus, you'll want your dog to get along with other dogs. You'll have a lot of socialization training to do too, but if the breeder starts early enough, your puppy will be off to a better start.