What Having A Hypoallergenic Dog Breed Really Means

If you have dog allergies, getting a dog has most likely seemed like an impossible dream. But hypoallergenic dog breeds can make it a very realistic want. These dogs shed less and produce less dander, which means your immune system has little to react to, to produce an allergic reaction. If you've never owned a hypoallergenic breed before, you should learn about what it really means. Allergies Are Still Possible but Less Likely [Read More]

Considering A Giant Schnauzer For Your Family? What To Know About This Breed

If you want to get a dog for your family and are considering a Giant Schnauzer, you need to learn what you can about this dog. This will ensure it will be a good fit for you and your family. Keep reading for information you should find helpful so you can start looking for your new dog.  Hard Worker The Giant Schnauzer loves to work for people. This is why you will commonly see this breed working on cattle farms, carting things, etc. [Read More]

Tips For Raising Your German Shepherd Puppy

German shepherds dogs (GSD) can be great pets. However, they are very athletic, intelligent, and protective. You do need to make sure you channel those talents in the right way when your GSD is a pup. Proper puppy rearing will help ensure your dog does not become aggressive or unsafe. So, how do you raise a GSD puppy well? Here are a few tips. Offer chew toys when they get mouthy. [Read More]

3 Things You Should Know About Beagle Puppies Before Getting One

There is nothing more exciting to a hopeful pet parent than the first time they meet the animal that will be part of their life. However, before getting to this stage, there are several choices that you need to make, like the breed of the dog you want, whether to rescue or get one from breeders, and many others. If you want a small dog species, there is no better option than a beagle. [Read More]