Considering A Giant Schnauzer For Your Family? What To Know About This Breed

If you want to get a dog for your family and are considering a Giant Schnauzer, you need to learn what you can about this dog. This will ensure it will be a good fit for you and your family. Keep reading for information you should find helpful so you can start looking for your new dog. 

Hard Worker

The Giant Schnauzer loves to work for people. This is why you will commonly see this breed working on cattle farms, carting things, etc. You do not have to live on a farm to make this dog happy, however, if you can help keep it busy. 

One way to do this is to take your dog to a trainer. This breed is intelligent, and the trainer can teach it how to do certain jobs for you. This may be getting you things, alerting you when someone is hurt or at the door, and more. You do have to be careful around small children, however. This breed is often used to herd cattle so they may try to herd your children. 

Loyal Guard Dogs

Giant Schnauzers are protective over their family and home more so than many other dog breeds. This also makes these dogs territorial. You cannot expect your Giant to run to the door with its tail wagging when someone visits you. Instead, they will immediately be on alert. 

This is another area where training can help your dog. The trainer can help them determine if a visitor is someone welcome or not. You can also help by introducing your dog to people that often visit you. They will not become aggressive unless it is needed, such as if someone attacks you. 

Have Lots of Energy

Giant Schnauzers are not happy sitting around a house all day. They are considered high-energy, so they need a lot of exercise. If you have a busy family that goes hiking, swimming, or spends a lot of time outdoors, this would be the perfect breed for you.  If you have a large backyard that is fenced, this would be the best situation for this breed. 

If you are a runner or a walker, take your dog with you every time you go. They can run beside you if you like to ride a bike if they are trained. Play with your dog outside and if you have children ask them to play with your dog. 

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