The Worst Illnesses Your Pet Can Have, And How You Can Prevent It

Every pet owner fears the day they learn their furry friend is ill. Every year you take your pet to the vet to ensure they are healthy and have many years ahead of them.  However, many do not realize the severity of certain illnesses until their pet is actually diagnosed with it. It is important to understand the worst illnesses your pet can have and how you can prevent it. [Read More]

Planning A Home Remodel? 3 Tips For Boarding Your Cat Safely During The Project

Remodeling your home can be a great way to extend the number of years you've living in your current home and even help boost its value if you ever decide to sell. If you have a cat at home that could get in the way when you're remodeling your home, it's a smart idea to book their stay at a cat boarding kennel. By keeping your cat at a boarding kennel, you can make sure that they're kept safe and healthy while you're busy remodeling. [Read More]

Toy Australian Shepherds Make Great Companion Dogs

Australian Shepherds are great companion dogs that come in three sizes:  standard, miniature, and toy. If you are looking for a small, intelligent, loyal, and energetic dog for your family, get a Toy Australian Shepherd puppy from a breeder. Here are some considerations to think about when you get a Toy Australian Shepherd puppy for your family: Socialization:  When choosing a Toy Australian Shepherd, look for a puppy that is comfortable and playful with his or her litter mates and other dogs. [Read More]

Need To Get Your House Fumigated? Schedule A Stay For Your Dog At A Boarding Facility

Finding out that you have termites, spiders, or another pest in your home is not enjoyable. But, you will want to resolve the problem quickly to minimize the impact that it has on the long-term. It is also important to get your family out of the house so that they are not exposed in a negative way. While some people try their own methods to get rid of pests, you should just rely on professionals right away. [Read More]