Toy Australian Shepherds Make Great Companion Dogs

Australian Shepherds are great companion dogs that come in three sizes:  standard, miniature, and toy. If you are looking for a small, intelligent, loyal, and energetic dog for your family, get a Toy Australian Shepherd puppy from a breeder. Here are some considerations to think about when you get a Toy Australian Shepherd puppy for your family:

Socialization:  When choosing a Toy Australian Shepherd, look for a puppy that is comfortable and playful with his or her litter mates and other dogs. This attitude is a clue that the dog is confident and can easily assimilate into a home with humans and other animals. Once you have chosen a Toy Aussie, introduce them to other humans and large and small dogs that you meet when exercising so that they are not afraid of new acquaintances. Take your Toy Australian Shepherd with you wherever you go so that they look to you for direction as they become used to new environments, people, and situations.

Training:  Toy Aussies are very intelligent, like mental stimulation, and are easily trained. To establish yourself as the leader of your pack begin training your Toy Aussie puppy when you first bring them home. You can begin with simple commands like sit, stay, and down. Once they are familiar with taking orders from you as their master, you can enroll them in formal obedience training. Praise them liberally and give them small dog biscuits whenever they respond correctly to your training commands.

Exercise:  Australian Shepherds are herding dogs by nature and thrive on vigorous exercise and athletic activity. The Toy Aussie is no exception to this rule. Although smaller than the Standard and Miniature Aussie breeds, the Toy Aussie can quickly master a simple or complex dog agility course. Exercise your Toy Aussie on a full-sized dog agility course whenever possible. In that way, he or she will be familiar with the different jumps, tunnels, see saws, hurdles, weave poles, and ramps. You can also build a simple agility course at your residence with wood, fabric, and PVC pipe that is specifically sized for your Toy Aussie.

Grooming:  Toy Australian Shepherds have a double coat and need to be combed and brushed once or twice a week. Comb your Toy Aussie's coat from the top of their head to the tip of their tail and from their spine down each of their legs to their paws. Use a steel comb first and then switch to an undercoat brush and repeat the procedure. Brush slowly and massage your dog's muscles as you comb and brush their coat. Have your Toy Aussie professionally groomed every 6 months or so and then you can maintain this grooming by combing and brushing at home. Have your Toy Aussie's nails trimmed by a dog groomer whenever they grow long enough to curl down from their paws and begin to touch the ground.

Toy Australian Shepherds are loyal and affectionate dogs that like to be around their human family. Talk to your Toy Aussie frequently to give them attention and include them in your activities. With socialization and training, your Toy Aussie can become a trusted and devoted companion to you and your family for many years.

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