Ways In Which Pet Grooming Is Actually Healthcare

People often think of pet grooming as an aesthetic service. And indeed, having your pet groomed can make them look more beautiful. However, pet grooming can also be considered a sort of healthcare. Here are a few ways in which pet grooming is actually helpful for your pet's health. 

Prevention of nail and foot problems.

Especially for dogs, one of the first things the groomer will do is trim their nails. This helps prevent issues with the toenails and feet going forward. Nicely trimmed nails make it easier for your pet to walk comfortably. It also makes them less prone to arthritis, strained ligaments, and generalized foot pain. Your groomer can also remove or address split or damaged nails before they get any worse and start causing pain.

Prevention of skin irritation and infections.

When you take your pet to the groomer, they almost always get a good shampoo. This ensures any irritating compounds are rinsed off their skin, which can help prevent itchiness and allergies. The groomer will also comb or remove any mats that are beginning to form in your pet's hair. Mats can cause hot spots, itchiness, and even an increased risk of skin infections, so having them removed sooner rather than later is just smart.

Identification of parasitic infections.

Pet owners often assume that if their dog or cat has fleas, they will notice. However, these pests can be tough to detect when an infestation is new and their numbers are still low. Your groomer, however, will get a very close look at your pet's skin during the grooming process. So, if your pet does have any fleas or a tick on its skin, it won't go unnoticed. Then, you can use the necessary medications to clear up the infestation before it gets any worse.

Improved circulation.

The act of brushing your pet, massaging shampoo into their skin, and even just conditioning their coat helps increase circulation to the skin. This can have a number of positive health benefits. It can help combat dry skin, and it can help minor wounds and irritated patches heal faster. Grooming is a bit like a low-key massage for your pet.

The next time you consider having your pet groomed, just remember — it's not just about aesthetics. It's also about their health. Talk to your vet or a local pet groomer to learn more about these and other health benefits of pet grooming.