4 Services Found At A Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary hospitals offer medical care to pets. Whether you own a cat, dog, guinea pig, or another animal, you can find the veterinary services you need at a vet hospital. Some people even choose a vet hospital for their animal's routine medical needs. Here are four services that you can expect to find at a veterinary hospital:

1. Spaying And Neutering

Animal overpopulation is a major problem. When unwanted puppies and kittens are born, they can contribute to overcrowding at local animal shelters or become strays on the street. Even if you don't plan to breed your animal, pets can sometimes escape. It's important to have your animal spayed or neutered, just in case. Your cat or dog can be spayed while they're still young to prevent a variety of health problems. Veterinary hospitals provide spay and neuter services for various species of animals.

2. Dental Care

Animals rely on their teeth even more than humans do. Like humans, animals can be susceptible to dental decay. You can do your part to keep your pet's teeth healthy by brushing their teeth daily. However, sometimes professional dental care is required. A veterinary hospital can provide all the dental care your animal needs. Veterinarians can take X-rays of your pet's teeth to diagnose cavities and infections. A vet can also perform tooth extractions and professional teeth cleanings with the aid of general anesthesia.

3. Vaccinations

Pets need to be vaccinated from a young age. The proper vaccinations can prevent pets from contracting dangerous diseases that might be deadly. It's especially important for puppies and kittens to be vaccinated since they do not yet have fully developed immune systems. A vet hospital can provide all the vaccinations that your pet needs. Your animal's vet will keep track of their vaccinations on your pet's health chart. You will be alerted when it's time for your pet to receive another vaccine, so you can schedule an appointment at your convenience.

4. Emergency Care

Animals sometimes need emergency care. If your pet eats something poisonous or is somehow injured, fast medical attention can keep them safe. Vet hospitals offer emergency care 24 hours a day. These facilities have the imaging equipment required to diagnose broken bones and other internal injuries. If your pet requires surgery, the veterinarians at a vet hospital can help. You will be updated on your pet's progress for your peace of mind.