3 Tips For Grooming Your Own Dog

If you have a dog that needs to be groomed regularly, this can get pretty expensive. However, if you consider grooming your dog yourself, rather then taking them into the groomers, you can save a great deal of money. You just need to learn a few tips and tricks to ensure that you are properly grooming your dog. Here are three important tips.

Comb Your Dog Each Day

In order to make things easier when the big grooming day comes, it is important for you to brush your dog's coat regularly. This minimizes the amount of tangles and knots that can build up in your dog's coat, which will make the grooming process much easier because you don't have to carefully comb or cut out all of these knots and tangles. It can also eliminates your dog from feeling pain due to hair pulling and skin irritation during removal. Right before you bath your dog on grooming day, take a few minutes to give their coat a thorough brushing.

Massage The Shampoo Deep Into Their Fur

It is no secret that dogs can get very dirty, especially if they spend any time at all outside. Because of this, they generally have dirt and other debris located deep within their coat. A great way to make sure that you remove all of this dirt during grooming is to thoroughly massage the shampoo into your dog's coat. You will want to do a quick lather all over your dog, and then deeply massage it in, section by section. Once your are done, you can then rinse your dog and repeat this process if necessary. Make sure you are using a pet made shampoo when grooming so as to ensure that your pet's skin doesn't dry out and become irritated.

Don't Neglect Their Feet And Ears 

Two areas of your dog's body that are easy to forget while grooming are their ears and their paws. However, these are two areas that must be cleaned. When it comes to your dog's ears, be sure to wash them carefully when using the shampoo. Also, while trimming your dog's coat, be sure to trim some of the long hairs coming off of their areas. Your dog's toenails will need to be cut using nail clippers made for dogs. All dirt should also be cleaned from off and around their paws, but be sure to do so carefully because this can be a sensitive area for them.

Grooming your dog at home is an excellent option, just as long as you are well prepared and follow these simple tips. For more help contact a professional, like at Kayla's Posh Pets Grooming & Boutique.