Four Reasons Your Cat Should Not Have A Sitter

Many pet owners rely on sitters when they plan to be away from home for a few days. This is a situation that works wonderfully for some pets. In other instances, it is much safer and healthier for the pet when they are able to have 24-hour care at a good boarding facility. Cat owners will often debate this issue because each cat is different and often very finicky about their likes and needs, but here are four cat types that would be safer at a pet resort than at home alone. 

 The Curious Cat

All cats have a certain level of interest in the world around them and like to explore and investigate frequently. Some are much more curious than normal. These are the cats that force themselves into every small gap they discover and taste and chew any item small enough to fit in their mouths. Left alone with endless hours to indulge their curiosity they could get into an unsafe situation with no one to rescue them or stop their behavior. 

The Escape Artist

The feline ability to slip by humans is unmatched by any other species. Some house cats are experts at discovering new ways to surprise people in an attempt to get out into the outside world. Their owners are usually accustomed to remembering their maneuvers, but a pet sitter may not understand the level of determination and underestimate their speed. 

The Ailing Pet

Cats that need medication multiple times a day need someone that is at the house at the right time to provide care. This is much easier with a boarding facility that has staff on-hand. Some pet sitters are willing to stop in several times a day but it is not always possible to find someone who will agree to do this and it could cost more that pet owners want to pay. 

They Needy Cat

It is a myth that all cats are independent, aloof and happy to be alone for days or weeks. Many cats are very social and they need their owner's attention and love to feel confident and secure. It could be devastating for an attention-loving cat to only have humans around for an hour or two each day. The consistency of the care and the constant activity at the boarding facility may make needy cats much more comfortable. 

Pet owners have to consider the personality of the cat as well as its needs and habits in order to make the right choice when it is time to find care. Both pet sitters and boarding facilities have their benefits and drawbacks, but certain animals will thrive with one option over another. The length of time the cat needs care and the resources available locally are also an important part of the decision.